About Us

Our Mission

Women United is dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable environment for women and young women seeking support in recovery from unwanted pornography addiction. We also work to teach women to advocate for themselves and share their stories of hope, healing and healthy relationships. Let us walk with you on your journey to health, recovery, and the connected relationships you were always meant to have.

Our Purposes

  • Bring awareness to women and girls as pornography users in need of recovery resources and education
  • Create a community for women and girls seeking recovery from unwanted pornography addiction
  • Provide hope, encouragement and healing for these women, young women, girls, and their loved ones
  • Lead the way in creating and gathering resources for women and girls wanting to recover from pornography addiction
  • Educate on the slippery slope form pornography usage into sexual exploitation, especially for women and girls

Our Team

President and Founder
Vice President of Operations