Our Team

President and Founder

Lacy is working on her Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science while raising a family of active boys. She spends her free time advocating for women and girls as pornography users who need support in recovery. In 2000 she co-founded Eating Disorder Recovery Groups of Las Vegas and spent 5 years running that group as co-founder and community educator. She loves conducting research on women, sexuality, perfectionism and addiction. Women United Recovery Coalition (WURC) to create community for women needing support to overcome unwanted pornography addiction. This will be done through conferences and events. Lacy and the rest of the WURC team are seeking to build an online network of professionals, resources and individuals seeking to connect and create change around women and pornography usage. Lacy feels called to empower women to stand up and be counted in the war on sexual exploitation, not just as victims, but as individuals who have experienced the negative impact of their own pornography addictions and sexually exploitative behaviors. She is a nationally travelled public speaker on women’s health, addiction, overcoming trauma, and an Empowerment/Healthy Relationship Coach.

Vice President of Operations

Brie is a psychology and criminal justice student in her final semester at Utah Valley University. Her passion for education and healing has allowed her many opportunities to volunteer in leadership organizations and in her community. She has volunteered at the Children’s Justice Center assisting in therapy with kids and teens who have been sexually abused, has volunteered at Utah State Prison teaching classes to inmates, and has spent much of her time as a volunteer interpreter for the Deaf. Brie plans to continue to develop the skills and knowledge to change lives by starting graduate school next fall. She also hopes to be able to use her compassion, her dedication, and her enthusiasm to make WURC a safe, healing place to be.


Lindsay Moore is the Executive Director of Utah Valley Counseling, an outpatient mental health clinic focused on treating sexual addictions and the resulting trauma for partners of those involved with compulsive sexual behaviors. Lindsay also manages My Recovery Holdings, with interests in online recovery resources, including Podcasts, online recovery education, and social media campaigns. Lindsay is a founder of Recovery for Women–an online resource for women struggling with issues related to compulsive behaviors and trauma. Lindsay’s employment history includes work in human resources and office management with Utah Valley University, Sodexho, and Hampton Inn and Suites.


Mike is a devoted husband, father and grandfather. He has worked as a business manager in Idaho and Nevada for over 30 years. In his spare time, he loves reading stories to his grandkids, gardening, and spending any time he can with family. He and his wife, Liz, live on a beautiful farm in Idaho, and enjoy the tranquility that comes from country life.

Chief Technology Officer

Jon is a skilled programmer, web designer and electrical engineer. He has a deep love for all people from all walks of life and a passion for encouraging them into their best selves. Jon has been in the IT/Tech industry for almost 20 years. He passionately supports women’s recovery efforts and is excited to be a part of the WURC team.

VP of Professional Development

Dr. Adam Moore, a licensed marriage and family therapist, has provided counseling for over a decade. He currently serves as Assistant Director of Brigham Young University’s Comprehensive Clinic. He is also Clinical Director of Utah Valley Counseling, and President-Elect of the Utah Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Dr. Moore is an educator and public speaker. He has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses at Brigham Young University, Argosy University, and Utah Valley University. He has shared presentations and workshops on pornography and sexual addiction recovery with many thousands of people. Dr. Moore is passionate about providing web-based addiction recovery resources to those who cannot find in-person help