• Recovery from addiction, or any disconnecting behavior requires support. We are continually gathering resources for you and your loved ones. Pornography affects men and women in similar, yet unique ways. We still don’t know long term effects on the brain or developing sexuality of children. As new resources and research become available, we will share it here.

  • Ask to be added to our list of resources through our Contact Us US page

  • Did you know Research has shown many children are exposed to pornography by other children? Talk to your kids, and make sure they know to let you know if they see something that makes them feel uncomfortable. And please make sure they know not to show what they find to other kids.

  • You are responsible to decide what resources will work for you. Women United Recovery Coalition (WURC) is not responsible for your recovery, we are here to create community and give you ideas. You are fully responsible to choose your own resources. The resources we list have been looked over and come recommended by others. We cannot guarantee them or their services. If you have a resource that has benefited you, submit it for approval! Please also note: we list resources that have contributed financially to our organization, or its events on the Partners page.